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I Saw It On Pinterest: Episode 1


I Saw It on Pinterest and Made It Myself

Well, this isn’t actually my first post about making something I saw on Pinterest…there was that basket I made from recycled plastic grocery bags.

But as I mentioned in that post, I have recently become addicted to Pinterest. There are literally millions of ideas on that site, and any user could find tons of things to tickle his or her fancy. Of course, the usefulness and actual viability of any of these ideas are always left to the responsibility of the user to verify for themselves. I have found far too many of the links to websites to be broken.

Being an aspiring prepper, one of the things I ran across was this awesome idea to turn a small headlamp into a large lantern for a no-light situation such as outdoor camping or a power outage.

The idea is basically free, if you have the headlamp in your camping supplies or prepper stores. The only other item you really need is a well-rinsed empty milk container that you would otherwise recycle.

2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (9u)     2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (8u)

So, to test it out, I filled the milk jug with water, turned off the lights, and here’s what I ended up with:

2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (12u)    2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (13u)

I was pleased with the results. The lamp is certainly not anywhere near the brightness of a household lamp. I would only rate it about 5-10 watts of light. But, in a camping tent, or in a blackout situation, it would be very comforting.

Ideas for Use

  1. Mark a trail or path with a row of lanterns.
  2. Group several lanterns together to light a dining tent.
  3. Hang the lantern(s) from the central support pole of a tent or patio umbrella, as long as it can hold the weight of the water.
  4. Make a circle of lanterns to mark off a party or dance area.
  5. Color the water for even more decorative possibilities.


I thought I had read somewhere that adding salt to the water in the milk jug helps make the lamp work better somehow…I’m not sure I noticed anything different or better, do you?

2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (7u)

One thine that bothered me a little was that my headlamp is LED and the light is very blue. So I thought I would try coloring the water with food colors, to see if it improved the color of the lamp light. The water in regular light was nearly orange, and this was the resulting lamplight in the dark, which was pretty yellow.

2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (4u)   2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (5u)

In the end, here are all the supplies I used in my experiment.

2013-02-25 Headlamp Bottle Lantern (1u)

I would love to read any ideas for any other variations or uses for these lamps.


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