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My Review of My New Scottevest Sterling Jacket

Jacket SEV Berry (3)Originally submitted at SCOTTEVEST, Inc.

Yay Features! Boo Color and Fit!
By April the Wannabe Hiker from Denver, CO on 2/22/2014
3out of 5

Sizing: Feels too small

Pros: Practical, Quality Materials, Great Features, Pockets Galore

Cons: Color Inaccurate, Irregular Fit, Wrinkle Easily

Best Uses: Travel, Casual Wear

Describe Yourself: Casual Dresser

Comfort vs Style: Comfort Driven

Was this a gift?: No

***I received my order today and have only had the jacket for half a day, so I will write more or amend this later.***
> I have to give the new SEV Sterling Jacket for Women only 3.5 stars because while it is a really awesome concept overall, with amazing pockets and features, the color depicted is inaccurate on the website and the Marilyn fit does not work for your average “womanly” woman, at least, not for me.
> I ordered the new SEV Sterling Jacket for Women with great anticipation. I have been a fan of the Scottevest products for a long time, but, normally having a thrift store budget, I haven’t had the justification to spend this kind of money on an article of clothing. Now I’m planning my first trip to the Grand Canyon and need to start acquiring the clothes I’ll take with me.
> COLOR: I’m a huge fan of purple, and not a small girl, so when I saw that the new Sterling Jacket came in Boysenberry and in the Marilyn sizes, I was thrilled! Since most of the purple items in my wardrobe are more of a “grape” than “plum” I called the customer service line just to check. They confirmed that Boysenberry is indeed “more towards plum”. I decided to take a chance anyway.
When I received my order, I was disappointed to discover that boysenberry is decidedly not plum.
It is BERRY, as in RED. Its not the fire-engine red of their “red”, I’m sure. And don’t get me wrong, its a lovely color, but it is definitely NOT even REMOTELY the purple color shown in their online catalog pictures. I haven’t decided yet if that is a big enough issue to need to return the product.
> SIZING: I ordered the M1 size. It should have fit fairly well according to the size chart. I hate to admit it, but with my shape (too much belly bulge) I cannot put a water bottle in the water bottle pocket, and other things tend to stick out as well if I really load up the pockets. Fortunately, I do intend to lose *at least* 10 more pounds before the trip! 🙂 The Marilyn sizing does not seem to take into account that larger women tend not to be as proportionate as smaller women, and are frequently heavier on bottom than on top. I highly recommend that anyone choosing this jacket go up at least one or even two sizes. Unfortunately, this would negate all efforts that SEV has made to have a more tailored fit for a woman, and makes the jacket boxy on top and too big in the shoulders.
> STYLING/SHAPE: My shoulders are small and sloped, and my bust is not proportional to my waist and hips, and so with this size and style, for some reason, with the sleeves off, the armholes stick up and out on top of my shoulders and it looks like little wings. I’ll send a picture later. Otherwise, I am pleased with the styling as far as smoothness, seams, and lack of visible pockets. I’m sure it will look even better when I lose more weight.
> POCKETS: 23 AMAZING POCKETS! I even found some odd pockety sort of things hidden inside the cuffs of both of the sleeves that fit a chapstick or a tissue, but they aren’t described anywhere, and their official purposes seem to be unknown. All the gazillions of other pockets are wonderful and I can’t wait to spend more time trail-testing them.
> CONSTRUCTION/QUALITY: The fabric is very nice. It is soft-brushed and does not feel like slipperly “windbreaker” material. The pocket zippers are well-made. The seams are tightly sewn, inside and out. There is great attention to detail, with no loose threads or fraying as you might see with most production line goods. Overall the construction seems really well done, with one exception: the construction of the outer front zipper in the belly area seems to be straining already after only an hour or so of wear.
> OTHER NOTES/SUGGESTIONS: 1) While it is a lightweight jacket, the body does not have a mesh lining so it might be hot in the summer, especially in the Grand Canyon in September. Be sure to consider your likely wearing conditions when deciding on your color choice. 2) The back/lumbar pocket does not have SEV’s typical mesh lining or dividers, which I miss. 3) I’d like to see the back lumbar pocket and the handwarmer pockets connected to the PAN. In particular, Camelbak makes a 70 oz lumbar hydration reservoir that I would love to stow in the lumbar pocket and be able to connect its tube through the PAN. This would eliminate the need to carry an additional hydration backpack while hiking. NOTE: I’m going to try to make it work anyway! 4) I wish instead of zip-off, the sleeves were magnetized like the other convertible jacket, so I can more easily take them off while hiking. 5) I would also like to see a stowable hood. 6) Three well-placed snaps on the collar would enable it to lay down, as it tends to rub my chin.
> Overall, I am impressed with the features, pockets, and quality of this convertible jacket. I still have to decide if the color and sizing are deal-killers.



2 comments on “My Review of My New Scottevest Sterling Jacket

  1. Tp
    September 4, 2014

    I loved your review. A picture of the true and color would be of great help. I just bought a large black Sterling. I tried a large vest on the the store and pray it the same.

    • April's Creatives
      September 5, 2014

      Thanks, TP. I’ve added a pic to this post. I think it reflects the color better than ScottEVests website does, but it all depends on your screen and your graphics card.

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