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About Me

The Basics

My name is April and I’m a woman over 21 but under 60. I am college educated with a Bachelor’s Degree. (WOW, does that sound like the start of a personal ad? Ugh.)

My Home

I grew up right here in the west suburbs of Denver and I love to call Colorado home. I love the bright sunshine, deep blue sky and the “purple mountains majesty”!

My Joys

My family is my first love. Quality time spent with those I love is true joy to me. Of course, my family includes my three adorable rescue pets.

I love nature, rocks, trees, plants, wildlife, domestic animals, birds, bees, and all that entails. Nature walks, going to the park, sitting on the beach, climbing a big boulder, all get me “high”!

I love to read, both print and online. Books are like candy to me, and I haven’t fallen asleep without a book in my hand in more years than I can count.

I love to travel and I definitely don’t get to do it often enough. I have a special affinity for hot springs. I haven’t ever been out of the country, but hope to someday. I often will get online and plan out fantasy travel itineraries for road trips around the U.S., especially here in the Southwest.

My Interests and Hobbies

I am an aspiring not-crazy “prepper” with a focus on self-sufficiency and provident living. I’ll be writing a LOT about my self-sufficiency projects.

I am a fairly decent cook, and I think making semi-gourmet ethnic meals is really fun. Thai, Indian, and Southwestern are my favorites cuisines. (Eating out is great too!)

I just learned how to knit hats on one of those circular hoop knitting devices. I’m working on my third hat. Next I want to try some fingerless gloves on the little tiny hoop because both mom and I get terribly cold hands working on our computers and tablets. After that I’ll try a scarf on the rectangular scarf device.  Maybe sometime soon my sister will teach me “real” knitting and crocheting, with needles and hooks and all that! 😉

I create and sell handcrafted beaded jewelry and accessories. I haven’t done much with it lately but I’ll make a page soon with pictures so everyone can see (and hopefully buy!)

I spend WAY too much time on the computer doing various research projects and designing complicated spreadsheets for one purpose or another. Most people would find it dreadful but it appeals to my  complicated right-brain/left-brain need to organize things creatively.

What I “Do”

I am Self-Employed. I am a creatively organized entrepreneur with diverse interests. Here are some of the things that bring in income for me:

  • Pet and House Sitting
  • Housekeeping, Home Organization, and Odd Jobs
  • Senior Assistance and Companion
  • Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry
  • Personal Chefing
  • Personal Executive Administrative Assisting

My Faith

I have recently re-affirmed my faith and re-started being a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a Mormon. I love, believe in and worship my Savior Jesus Christ. I was raised in the Church, and truly give credit to that upbringing. I fell away in my twenties and was unhappy and searching for fifteen years. I am so overjoyed to be back!

Those reading my blog should be aware that when I write about my moral and religious beliefs, I am writing “The Gospel According to April” and the details of my beliefs may not reflect the exact teachings and doctrine of the Mormon Church in every aspect. I am still learning the doctrine and growing in my testimony, line upon line according to God’s will.

For more information about the Church, please click here: www.Mormon.org

My Core Beliefs, Values and Political Views.

My values could be described as what they call “Christian family values,” without going too far out on the right limb. I believe that everyone’s actions should be guided by a strong personal moral compass, with a true sense of right and wrong with very little gray area. I don’t believe morality is relative.

You could say that my political views are conservatively libertarian. What this means is that while I follow my own conscience and expect others to do the same, in most cases I will not impose my beliefs and values BY LAW upon everyone else. I believe that government should not dictate BY LAW (or Executive Order) the intimate details of our personal lives. I also believe very strongly in the God-given rights and liberties as enumerated in our Constitution. The Constitution was, and should still be the supreme law of our land. Those rights and liberties should supercede all other legal and political concerns. Which means our our government’s “prime directive” should be to protect those rights and liberties rather than to take them away.

I will say that my views on the issues are still evolving, and they definitely don’t always fall on the party lines. For example:

  • I am Pro-Life, but also Pro-Choice. I believe that abortions are wrong in most cases and I would not choose to have an abortion myself. However, I would not vote for a LAW that takes that right away from other women. And if a woman I know had to make that terrible choice, I would support her the best I could no matter her decision.
  • I am Pro-Gun, but also Anti-Violence. I believe that the Second Amendment was written into our Constitution for reasons that are just as valid today as they were then. That being said, I don’t believe that violence solves problems. I’d really rather run and hide than fight or shoot someone, unless I’m protecting those I love. The violence in our country has escalated to a truly frightening point, and I’d like to hope that we can as a people do something constructive about it. I will write a future post going into more detail about this issue.
  • I am Pro-Freedom, but Anti-Drugs. Though this is a departure from my mostly libertarian stand, I did not and would not vote to legalize marijuana. I believe it is a gateway drug (then again, so are alcohol and tobacco). Legalizing it, even just for medical purposes, leads to a very slippery slope. However, would I condemn or disown my sister, aunt, or child for eating a pot brownie to alleviate cancer pain? Absolutely not. Again, more on that later.
  • I am Pro-Love, but Anti-Gay-Marriage. Another example of departure from libertarianism, I would not vote to legalize gay marriage. I believe that “marriage” as granted to us in the Bible by God should be defined as between one man and one woman. It’s the way He built us.  However, I would not block civil unions nor would I re-instate sodomy laws. I don’t believe that I have the right to forbid BY LAW certain rights to a couple, of any sex, who has chosen to publicly declare their love and commitment to each other.  As before, that’s a hot topic for another post.

I will always stand up for what I believe in. I will do my best to protect my honor, my freedom, and my liberty, along with that of those I love. I try to make the right choices. That being said, I do make mistakes. I’m far from perfect.

Those who know me know that regardless of whether or not other people share my beliefs and values, and agree with me on my views, I try to treat everyone with love and respect. I know that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Okay, now you know what you need to know about me. I hope you’ll enjoy my Blog.



P.S. If you choose to comment on this page, please be courteous. See my “About My New Blog” post.


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